Pregnancy Massage, Retreat Massage, Aroma Therapy

We provide a sanctuary from stress, a healing touch,
a kind word, a place to reconnect.

Pregnancy Massage

Experience a personal approach from a trained and qualified therapist to promote well being and relaxation during your time of pregnancy. This treatment is specifically designed to help alleviate problems associated with pregnancy, including: Back ache, Pelvic pains, Neck and shoulder pain, Increasing blood flow and circulation, Upper and lower back pain. 14 weeks recommended 

Thai Therapeutics Relief

Thai massage is a therapeutic massage and a traditional treatment for relieving stress and tension, and for the treatment of back pain, stiff neck, shoulder pain, and sports injuries including muscle and tendon strain.

Golden Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the use of traditional massage techniques to manipulate soft tissue for relaxation and therapeutic benefits, it eases and releases tension by applying pressure to meridian points on the body.

Traditional Thai massage

A Thai massage relaxes and stretches out the muscles, improves circulation, and reduces stress. Also, it is believed that blockages in the body’s energy lines causes illness and disease. A Thai massage balances these energy lines and restores general wellbeing and health.